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Sell Your Silver for Cash in Boca Raton.

Silver has been a popular commodity across history. It is a staple of what it means to be successful and powerful, being something that for the longest time only the highest of people could afford to obtain. Silver is used in all sorts of high end flatware and silverware, and has been a commonplace fixture in the homes of the most elite throughout modern and post-modern history. It’s been used as a means of currency and as a means of portraying information, countless of silver engravings making their way across time, adorning the best of the best in the past, present and future. Silver has been and will always be a staple of mankind’s most elite, and something that we hope to preserve and pass on.

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Many American Silver Dollars

Silver Coins.

Silver coins are some of the most important items that history has to offer. They are the forms of currency that humans have used for generations as a form of trade and offer a way to see and connect the basic ideas of ancient civilization to that of our own. Not only that, buy silver coins, even those used today, are a hot commodity, and though most have fallen out of popularity as a form of currency, it doesn’t change the value of the silver it’s made from. We accept all forms of pure silver coinage no matter the age of the coin or the condition of the coin. If the coin is pure silver, we’d be more than happy to accept it and give an offer.

Are they US Silver Coins, or foreign, are they extremely rare, are they graded? We can answer all of these questions for you! When looking to sell your silver coins, look no further than Premier Estate Buyers when looking to sell your silver coins. We utilize both the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), which are the top third-party coin certification services available. In using these services, we are able to guarantee the highest value for your silver coins, ensuring you the largest payout of cash in the industry when selling your silver coins.

Silver Flatware.

Silver flatware has always been a signification of always the wealthiest of families and the most prosperous of people. Flatware has and still does reside within the homes of only the most powerful and can often portray vast images of a person beyond just wealth with its magnificent design. However, silver flatware isn’t always the easiest thing to maintain, what with regular cleaning and age. At Premiere Estate Buyers, we strive to pay the most for your sterling silver so that the responsibility falls to us. We pay the max for your silver flatware, meaning while we get the items, you get fast and easy cash, and the piece of mind knowing you got the max for your silver. If you are interested in selling your silver flatware, contact us today to schedule a free appraisal.

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Silver Jewelry & Scrap Silver.

Silver jewelry is a sought-after commodity in today’s world. For centuries, it’s been the staple of high class and wealth, able to allow others around someone to see their wealth and capability. At Premier Estate Buyers, we accept all kinds of silver jewelry from ring and necklaces, to brooches and bracelets. However, we have come to understand that with such a high commodity item, pieces won’t always stand the test of time. Jewelry can get damaged just like anything else, however, this doesn’t change the value of the silver it’s made from. That is why we also accept scrap silver, so that even if your jewelry is damaged beyond a wearable state, we will still offer you the highest amount in cash for your silver pieces. In addition to buying silver, we are experts at fixing all types of silver jewelry. Should you decide you aren’t ready to sell your silver jewelry, call us to have it repaired. Contact us today to schedule your free appraisal!

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