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Timepieces are a staple of modernity and a signal of the past. They’ve always served as a way of telling time throughout history, and even beyond that, countless stories that accompany them. From golden and silver pocket watches that adorned the most elite and notorious, to the grandfather clocks that stood idle in the world’s most extravagant locales, time pieces have always served as a means of spreading information beyond just time. The engravings and their craftsmanship tell stories of the time periods and the history of those that they came into contact with in a way unique to only them. For this reason, it’s even more important that this information continue to be spread, so that other’s may learn these stories and better appreciate the kind of world we inhabit and that pre-existed our time.

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Pocket Watches.

Pocket watches are some of the most interesting time pieces that man has created. Before the invention of the watch, there were pocket watches. They were the first, and for a long time, only way of being able to tell time while mobile. While nowadays, we have no practical use for pocket watches, they still hold a considerable influence on how our society was shaped and continue to remain as a highly collectible item today. At Premiere Estate Buyers, we are prepared to buy any form of pocket watches. However, with their age, it’s understandable that they may not always be functional. For this reason, while we accept most pocket watches, those in good, operational quality or made of precious metals are at a premium, though we are willing to pay the max for its condition.In addition to buying gold, we are experts at fixing all types of gold jewelry. Should you decide you aren’t ready to sell your watch, call us to have it repaired. If you are interesting in selling your pocket watch, contact us to schedule a free appraisal to see what it is worth!


Gold jewelry is a sought-after commodity in today’s world. For centuries, it’s been the staple of high class and wealth, able to allow others around someone to see their wealth and capability. At Premier Estate Buyers, we accept all kinds of gold jewelry from ring and necklaces, to brooches and bracelets. However, we have come to understand that with such a high commodity item, pieces won’t always stand the test of time. Jewelry can get damaged just like anything else, however, this doesn’t change the value of the gold it’s made from. That is why we also accept scrap gold, so that even if your jewelry is damaged beyond a wearable state, we will still offer you the highest price for your gold . In addition to buying gold, we are experts at fixing all types of gold jewelry. Should you decide you aren’t ready to sell your gold jewelry, call us to have it repaired. Contact us today to schedule your free appraisal!

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